Week 2023


Deborah Plant

Director of People & Culture Solutions, Instructional Designer and Learning & Development Professional

November 24, 2023

BONUS SESSION: [LQ] Leadership Intelligence: A More Modern and Human Approach to Leadership

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Deborah is a Learning and Development professional and enthusiast with over 15 years of experience designing, delivering, and implementing strategic, engaging learning programs for various Canadian corporations, including time as the Director of Learning and Development at Second Cup.

At CareerJoy, Deborah partnered in the development of the [LQ] Leadership Intelligence framework and her contributions continue to transcend traditional roles. Using the [LQ] Framework, Deborah and her team create custom solutions tailored to the needs and goals of their clientele. These solutions enrich leadership capabilities, elevate employee engagement, and steer cultural change. She stands as an invaluable source of knowledge and innovation, propelling individuals, and organizations toward success in the ever-evolving learning and development landscape with a modern, human-centered approach.

Deborah Plant