Week 2023


Alan Kearns

Managing Partner and Founder, CareerJoy

November 24, 2023

BONUS SESSION: [LQ] Leadership Intelligence: A More Modern and Human Approach to Leadership

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Alan Kearns is a prominent thought leader on all things work. Author and contributor to The National, The Globe & Mail, National Post and CBC Radio, he shares the latest trends and changes in the Canadian workplace. Voted one of the Top 40 under 40, he is the Managing Partner and Founder of CareerJoy, an award-winning national boutique HR services firm serving over 500 leading Canadian organizations, including World Vision, Shopify, The United Way, Toyota and The Government of Canada.

Alan is passionate about career and leadership development. After seeing flaws and failures in traditional leadership development approaches, Alan, and his team, including the former Director of Learning and Development at Second Cup and the former Chief People Officer at World Vision, re-imagined leadership development, and what it means to be a leader. [LQ] Leadership Intelligence is a more modern, human approach to leadership development and leadership as a whole.

His firm belief in the intrinsic value of each individual fuels his dedication to facilitating positive change and fostering growth. Alan and his team at CareerJoy are driven by the mission: Work. Made Better. for all Canadian professionals and organizations. People. Made Better. is Work. Made Better.

Alan Kearns