Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the Day Pass package?


Our Day Pass package delivers great value including:

  • Rick Mercer’s Special Fireside Chat
  • Envision Kick Off Monday sessions (Executive Session requires separate registration)
  • Choice of one themed day with up to 9 single and concurrent sessions on your chosen day
  • Keynote speaker session on your chosen day
  • Minimum of 16 CPD hours (for as low as $30.94/hr)
  • Access to recorded sessions from Kick Off Monday [TBC] and from your chosen day on-demand, including sessions from these days you did not view live, available to watch at your convenience for three months (until February 28, 2022), so you can maximize your learning value.
  • Access to special event features:
    • Speed Mentoring with CFO and CAE mentors
    • Virtual Exhibit Hall with over XX exhibitors
    • Peer Networking
    • Gamification



What is included in the All Access Pass package?


Our All Access Pass package delivers the best value. For a modest additional investment, you’ll receive so much more including:

    • Envision Kick Off Monday sessions (Executive Session by separate registration)
    • All 5 Keynote sessions
    • All single and concurrent sessions on the 4 themed education days
    • Up to 47 CPD hours (for as low as $14.79/hr)
    • Access to all recorded sessions on-demand including sessions you did not view live, available to watch at your convenience for three months (until February 28, 2022), so you can maximize your learning value.
    • Access to special event features:
      • Speed Mentoring with CFO and CAE mentors
      • Virtual Exhibit Hall with over XX exhibitors
      • Peer Networking
      • Gamification



What is the difference between “Day Pass” and “All Access Pass”?


The Day Pass gives you access to Envision Kick Off Monday and one of the four themed days of the conference, along with access to on-demand recordings from Monday and your selected day for up to 3 months. This combination provides a minimum of 16 CPD hours. The All Access Pass provides you with access to all Keynote and concurrent sessions on Monday and the four themed days, along with access to on-demand recordings from these days for up to 3 months. This pass gives you up to 47 CPD hours. Please note Executive Sessions require separate registration.


What value are you receiving for PDWeek 2021?


With PDWeek 2021 being fully virtual, we are able to offer two amazing package options with flexible learning and unlimited session attendance, delivering incredible value for your professional development spend. (Advanced pricing ends September 30th, 2021)

      • The Last Minute Day Pass at $595 +tax will provide your attendee a minimum of 16 excellent hours of learning versus the 15 hours of learning they would have received in 2019 with a purchase of a 2-Day Pass costing $880+tax at the early bird rate.
      • The Last Minute All Access Pass at $795 +tax will provide your attendee up to 47 hours of learning versus the 37.5 hours of learning received in 2019 for the 5-day (all access pass) costing $2075 +tax at the early bird rate.

Both pass options offer time zone friendly, flexible on-demand learning so you can balance work with your learning. All recorded sessions will be available for 3 months following PD Week so you can learn at your own pace and access sessions you could not attend live during PD Week. (Note, it may happen that some speaker contracts prohibit recording for replay, in which case not all sessions will be available on demand)


Choose the registration package that’s right for you.


Two amazing registration options – see the Register page on the PD Week website for more details.


How can I register for the PD Week 2021?


We recommend that attendees first verify whether their employer is organizing a group purchase of conference passes. A group is five or more registrations, and is eligible for discounted pricing. If your employer has a group coordinator, please contact them, they will be able to complete the registration in your name when they register their groups.
If you wish to register as an individual buyer, you can self-register through our “Pheedloop” secure registration site here.

If you are a group coordinator, or looking to coordinate your own group purchase, please contact our team at, so we can set you up in our system.

If you are an executive, a CFO, CAE, or a member of their executive teams, contact to register for the exclusive Executive Session.


Can I purchase a pass for more than one day?


If you would like to attend the conference for 2 or more days, the All Access Pass is the best option. You’ll pay just $200 more over the Day Pass price to get an All Access Pass, which provides access to all conference programming at our best ever value.


Do names of registrants need to be provided at the time of registration?


If an attendee is purchasing an individual pass for themselves, they will need to provide their contact details while registering in the platform.

If purchasing passes for a group, you only need to decide how many passes of each type you are purchasing, you don’t need to provide each registrant’s info when you buy the block of passes, they can be added later once confirmed. You will also have the flexibility to swap registrant names right up to the day before the start of the event.


Can login information be shared between individual registrants?


Login access rights are specific to the registered individual; only the person whose name and email is tied to the registration can access the program and will receive the CPD certificate.


What is the registration process for individual registrants?


All individual registrants can self-register through our “Pheedloop” secure registration site HERE. If you are registering a group of 5 or more, please contact us at for more details and discount pricing.


Group Coordination

How do I qualify for Group Registration?


To qualify for Group Registration you must register a minimum of 5 participants. Typically there are known Group Coordinators established in the larger departments, however, anyone can be a group coordinator.  

For more information on group registration, please contact our team at


What is the group registration process?


Please contact us at; our team members will provide you with a step-by-step group registration guide.


Payments and Pricing

What are the important dates to know related to registration, payment and changes and cancellations?


  • Virtual Onsite Rate applies: Oct 1 – Event week
  • Cancellations or refunds are no longer accepted after September 30, 2021, however you will still be able to re-assign your pass to someone else after that date.

Please note that in order to secure the rate associated with each of these time frames, the order needs to be placed in the platform prior to the end date for each respective price period, and payment processed within 30 days following. 

Should you need to cancel a registration altogether, you can do so until September 30, 2021, your refund will be issued less the processing fee.  However, we don’t expect the need to cancel since we are leaving you in full control to transfer a registration to another participant with ease.


What are the accepted methods of payment?


All individual registrants can self-register HERE.  

Individual registration payment can only be processed by Credit Card.

If you are a Group Coordinator, or an individual who wishes to coordinate the purchase of five or more registrations, please contact us at to discuss the process and payment options.


Are tickets refundable, if they are not required? 


Purchases are refundable before September 30, 2021, less the processing fee. However, we don’t expect the need to cancel since we are leaving you in full control to transfer a registration to another participant with ease.


What is the cost of each of the registration options?


Please review the details of our two registration packages here.


Is tax added to the posted registration cost?


Yes, tax is added in addition to the cost of each registration.


What are the taxes?


Virtual event registration is taxed based on the attendee’s province of residence. See below for the full breakdown per province.
NL    15%
PE    15%
NS    15%
NB    15%
QC    5%
ON    13%
MB    5%

SK    5%
AB    5%
BC    5%
YT    5%
NT    5%
NU    5%


Are your prices the best I can possibly get?


We do offer a discount for group registrations of 5 or more. Please talk to your departamental group coordinator to find out more and sign up. 

If you do not know who your coordinator might be, contact us and we will share if we have a name on file.  

If you would like to coordinate your own group, please contact the fmi*igf team at  We will help determine if there is already a coordinator identified for your employer, or happily set you up in our system as a coordinator for your specific group of five or more registrations.



What is the format of PDWeek 2021?


PD Week 2021 will be in a virtual format.

New for 2021, we will be introducing a dedicated Envision Kick Off Monday, Nov 22. This day will include our special Executive session (by invite only) as well as our popular CFO Speed Mentoring and some exciting new practical Kick Off Monday sessions!

The CFO Speed mentoring and Envision Kick Off Monday sessions are available to all registrants packages (please note space is limited for Speed Mentoring). New for this year, we are hoping to add CAE Speed Mentoring as well! The Envision Kick Off Monday sessions include a minimum of 6 hours of Kick Off Monday learning per Day Pass, or 15 hours with a purchase of an All Access Pass.

Each day of the conference will contain several sessions focused on one of the following themes (one theme per day of the conference):

  • Hot Topics, e.g.: Post-Pandemic World, Environment, Ethics
  • Leading Practices in Comptrollership, e.g.: Internal Audit, Costing, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting
  • Technology, Innovation, and Experimentation, e.g.: Data Analytics, Blockchain, Automation
  • Mobilizing People, e.g.: Mental Health, Diversity and Inclusion, Communication, Remote Work

For example, Wednesday’s theme is Comptrollership, the bulk of the presentations will be focused specifically on this subject matter – this is similar to what delegates have come to expect in previous PDWeek events. The difference this year is they would have the benefit of additional Envision Kick Off Monday content plus some subjects beyond what is outlined in the theme of their day. This additional content would include a variety of sessions on topics such as Communications, Ethics, Health and Wellness etc.


What is the PD Week Envision Kick Off Monday?


The PD Week Envision Kick Off Monday is the conference Kick Off day on Monday, November 22, 2021. The Envision Kick Off Monday will showcase a rich mix of subject matter experts from both industry and government. These practical sessions will provide delegates a range of leading practices already in application, while providing insights from those that have been there, including lessons learned and tips from the trenches.

Programming will include: 

  • hours of dynamic Envision Kick Off Monday sessions – from industry leaders showcasing advances in practice
  • CFO/CAE Speed mentoring sessions
  • Executive Sessions – by invitation only to all executives, CFO’s, CAE’s and their executive teams.
  • FORD (Financial Officer Recruitment and Development) Graduation ceremony (and possibly IARD – Internal Audit Recruitment and Development – Graduation as well)

Regardless of the ticket type purchased, attendees will have access to the CFO/CAE Speed Mentoring sessions. Included in each Day Pass will be a minimum of 6 hours of Kick Off Monday sessions (and access to the on-demand recordings from their day package), while the All Access Pass holders will be able to access at least 15 hours of Kick Off Monday sessions (and access all on-demand recordings).

The Envision Kick Off Monday cannot be registered for as a stand alone.


Virtual Platform

What virtual platform will PD Week be held on?


We have carefully selected a top calibre interactive virtual platform – a Canadian company, Pheedloop, to ensure you have an outstanding and engaging on-line experience, including features such as:

  • A single sign-on portal rich with interactivity, live streaming, polling and Q&A
  • Personalized attendee profiles: attendees will be able to add their pictures, contact information, social media links, etc., once they receive their virtual access login (approximately two weeks before the event start date)
  • Sessions schedule can be downloaded into attendees’ personal calendars
  • Unlimited attendee capacity per session
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Peer networking with multiple chat options — keep the chat running while navigating different sessions
  • Gamification – attendees can earn points towards prizes
  • Watch every session in the official language of your choice: English or French.


How do I access the sessions?


Sessions can be accessed via our single sign-on conference platform. Live session videos will be embedded within your account. Upon registering, each attendee will receive further information by email.

Please note that payment must be processed prior to the event date – attendees will have no access to the Virtual Event without payment being received in advance and verified in the system by fmi*igf.

Fmi*igf recommends using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browsers to view the PD Week 2021 website, to register and to attend the live PD Week event. We do not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer as it does not support the platform.


Are session recordings available to view post-conference?


PDWeek 2021 offers flexible engagement – attendees can watch sessions live or on demand at their leisure– to earn their CPD credits. With a Day Pass, attendees will have access to all the on-demand sessions for the day they registered for plus the Envision Kick Off Monday sessions assigned to that day. The All Access Pass gives them access to ALL of the conference sessions and all the Envision Kick Off Monday sessions. 

Attendees will have access and can still earn their CPD hours by watching the on-demand sessions over the three months following the event, up to February 28, 2022.


What if I have to stop viewing the conference to do work?


It’s ok to pause or stop viewing. Each access pass includes access to recorded on-demand sessions, so attendees can stream at their own pace until February 28, 2022.


When will I be able to access the online platform?


Online access (username, password, and link) to the Virtual Event will be provided a couple of weeks prior to November 22 to all paid registrants. These credentials will allow an attendee to go into their profile and add their picture, contact information, social media links etc., in advance of attending.  


What are the opening hours of the PD Week 2021 Virtual Exhibit?


10am -3:30 pm daily.


CPD Credits

Will CPD certificates be issued?


Yes, CPD certificates will be issued at the end of the on-demand period, after February 28, 2022, and will be split by calendar year according to when the attendee accessed the learning materials.


How many CPD hours can be completed each day of the conference?


By purchasing a Day Pass, attendees have access to a minimum of 16 hours of CPD credits, which means that they can earn double the learningmore than twice the CPD credits for a day of learning than in previous years (in 2019 one day pass provided up to 7.5 hours of CPD). 

With the All Access Pass, attendees can earn up to 47 hours of CPDs, at an amazing learning value of just over $14 per hour of CPD.


How will attendees access their earned CPD information?


Our system will generate CPD Certificates based on attendee login. The certificates will be generated at the end of the On-Demand period, i.e. in March of 2022, and will be split by calendar year according to when the attendee accessed the learning materials.


How can an attendee earn 16 CPD hours with a single Day Pass?


Each Day there are multiple sessions taking place concurrently. At an in-person event, an attendee can only pick one session from the concurrent choices running in each time slot. With this year’s event being a virtual format, delegates will be able to watch the concurrent session of their choosing live, and also have access to all remaining recorded sessions on demand (up to 3 months following the event).

In addition to their chosen day’s programming, Day Pass delegates will also have access to Envision Kick Off Monday’s content included as part of your registration package. These sessions will also include an option for on demand access for any sessions that are not attended live (up to 3 months following the event).


What are CPD credits used for?


If you are a member of a professional designation (like CPA or CIA), where you are required to take a certain amount of learning and development annually as part of retaining your professional designation, the Career Professional Development hours certification is your proof of the learning hours earned through FMI events.

If not a member of a professional designation, the Certificate can simply be used to show your employer that you attended the learning they paid for.