Week 2023


Peter Weltman

Director Business Development, Technomics Canada (former Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) of Ontario)

November 23, 2023 | 10:45 am - 11:45 am

How to Make Data Resonate with Decision-Makers

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Peter is Ontario’s Former Financial Accountability Officer. Over five years, he and his office have produced ground-breaking reports that include an estimate of the cost of climate change impacts on publicly-owned infrastructure, Ontario’s economy and fiscal position, cost estimates of the health and education programs, and dozens of others. These reports have contributed to enhanced policy debates and have assisted MPPs to better hold the government to account.

Peter Weltman is currently a Director and Employee Owner at Technomics Inc., a data analysis and cost engineering company that helps clients make “Better Decisions, Faster” on highly complex projects and programs. Peter is also a member of the Peel Transition Board, charged with overseeing the dissolution of the Region of Peel into its lower-tier municipal components of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon while ensuring seamless service delivery and financial sustainability.

Mr. Weltman also has extensive experience working at the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) in Ottawa serving as Director of Executive Services, Communication and Parliamentary Relations and as Senior Director, Costing and Expenditure Management to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

He served for five years as President of the Canadian Chapter of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEEA) and was a member of the Board of Directors of ICEAA International. Before working at the PBO, Mr. Weltman worked in different capacities federally for Industry Canada (ISED), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Service Canada and the Treasury Board Secretariat.

Peter has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Governance.

Peter Weltman