Week 2023


Kelley Keehn

Personal Finance Educator

November 24, 2023 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Talk Money With Me – Five Crucial Steps to Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Money

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Kelley Keehn has worn many hats in her 25-year career in the financial industry. She held a prestigious investment management role with one of Canada’s most international banks at the age of 21, later opened and ran a successful wealth management firm, and for the last seventeen years, has been dedicated to helping Canadians, corporations and their employees prosper. You’ll also find her serving on a number of government and non-profit committees and boards.

She’s a speaker, media personality and author of eleven books and her last two titles, Talk Money to Me and Rich Girl, Broke Girl were both Globe and Mail and Financial Star, national best-sellers.

She’s the financial authority on The Marilyn Denis show, The Morning Show on Global National, Breakfast television, and previously hosted Burn My Mortgage on the W Network.

Kelley has made thousands of radio and TV appearances around the globe and travels across the country, speaking to some of Canada’s largest corporations.

Frustrated with the low level of financial literacy and financial wellness of the majority of Canadians, Kelley now focuses on working with employers and their employees to increase their financial resiliency. In 2022, she founded Money Wise Workplaces: an impartial financial education platform that demystifies money.

Kelley Keehn