Week 2023


Jen Mossop-Scott

Associate Partner, Consulting, EY

Jen Mossop Scott is an Associate Partner in EY’s technology transformation practice, based in Vancouver. She has worked for 20+ years leading transformational change enabled by technology, helping businesses digitise, and evolve their operating models to compete.  She is passionate about devising and executing transformational change, putting humans at the centre and enabled by technology – providing strategic direction, purposeful momentum and ‘translation’ across that important technology/business interface. Prior to joining EY Canada in late 2021, she spearheaded transformation delivery, architecture, technology operations, data, and product software development in large European Retail and Telecommunications businesses. Erlier in her career, following completion of her PhD in Neuroscience, Jen served as a consultant to many of household-name leading European and UK businesses.

Jen Mossop-Scott