Week 2023


Eric Santor

Advisor to the Governor on Digitalization, Bank of Canada

Eric Santor was appointed Advisor to the Governor on Digitalization effective March 11, 2019. In this role, he leads the Bank’s digitalization work, including research into the impact of digitalization on the economy and financial system. Mr. Santor also leads the initiative to incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as big data into the Bank’s operations. This involves leveraging programs such as Partnerships in Innovation and Technology (PIVOT) and the Bank’s relationship with the Creative Destruction Lab.

Mr. Santor joined the Bank in 2001 as an economist in the former Monetary and Financial Analysis Department. He moved to the International Economic Analysis Department in 2003, where he assumed increasing responsibilities until becoming Managing Director in 2013. Before his appointment as Advisor to the Governor on Digitalization, Mr. Santor served as Managing Director of the Bank’s Canadian Economic Analysis Department.

Mr. Santor’s research has focused on issues relating to the incidence and effects of unconventional monetary policy, the international monetary system and global financial architecture, and the impact of ownership structure on Canadian firms.

Mr. Santor was born in London, Ontario. He completed his BA in History and Political Science at Huron College, University of Western Ontario, and his PhD in Economics at the University of Toronto.

Eric Santor