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Executive Session

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The Executive Program – 4th Floor, Shaw Centre

**The Executive Session is now sold out**

Thursday November 24, 2022

11:20 AM – 2:40 PM

Who Should Attend: This must-attend session is open to all executives, including those in executive-equivalent positions.


11:20am – 12:30pm

Part 1: Keynote Presentation – The Global Mindset

Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research, JLL Work Dynamics, Paris, France

Dr. Marie Puybaraud is a globally recognized researcher and thought leader on the future of work and human experience. She shapes and leads the track of global research on emerging themes (hybrid, shaping the future of work, human experience and performance, outsourcing, future CRE skills, performance models…) and advanced themes (responsible real estate, health footprint, the enterprise of the future, future fit enterprises, resilience…). She is extremely sought after, and we are so fortunate she has agreed to come to Canada to engage with our Executive community on this the most topical issue facing leaders today.

Supported by the extensive data she collected from surveying over 20,000 employees and more than 2,000 decision makers since the start of the pandemic, from across 13 countries including Canada, Dr. Puybaraud will share the thought-provoking perspectives and insights this work has derived with you in her keynote presentation. Without a doubt, this session will re-shape everyone’s thinking about the mindset of the workforce and outfit you to be able to best steer your organizations into the future. This session will take us all well beyond our day to day reality of managing hybrid! Executives will have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Puybaraud!

Synopsis of the session:

While flexibility is what everybody craves, adaptability is what every organization needs. The pandemic has tested organizational and workforce resilience, and the crisis has shown that businesses and people can manage and cope with disruptions, finding opportunities for enhancing the way they work. Hybrid working is here to stay and it calls for the rejuvenation of the office. Several forces are shaping the future of work. For organizations to successfully transition to hybrid, they need to think holistically about how they can best support their workforce anywhere they work and create the right environment to secure individual and organizational performance through dynamic occupancy. But the power has shifted from the employer to employees, forcing organizations to reimagine how work is done and understanding what are the workforce preferences. Employers have the opportunity to show their workforce they genuinely care and pay attention to their rhythm of work, their health and wellness. Designing a new work and workplace model that can withstand disruptions and absorb and cope with a mass return to work, while still efficiently operating with minimum occupancy, is a unique opportunity to bring maximum flexibility to a real estate portfolio and for the workforce. But where do you start?

12:30 PM – 1:40 PM

Executive Lunch – plated lunch on the 4th floor of the Shaw Centre

1:40 – 2:40 PM

Part 2: Panel discussion – Shaping the Future of Work: People, Place & Technology in the Government of Canada

Following lunch, executives will be treated to an exclusive engagement with a distinguished panel of the federal government assistant deputy ministers responsible for leading Canada’s people, place and technology strategies who will share and engage on the evolving vision for the future of work from these three perspectives.

Building on Part 1, Dr. Puybaraud will moderate this highly engaging and interactive discussion that will draw out, challenge, and inspire from a wide range of lenses such as: where are we at, what do we know, what don’t we know, how do we compare, where are we going, what is next… etc. Executives will have the opportunity to interact with the panel!


  • Marie Puybaraud, Global Head of Research, JLL Work Dynamics, Paris, France



– Elizabeth Hardy, Senior Director of Research and Experimentation, Office of Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


– Stéphan Déry, Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Services, Public Services and Procurement Canada


-Paul Wagner, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy & Transformation, Office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat



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