Week 2018


Mel Thompson

Director, Strategic Policy, Office of the Comptroller General, Treasury Board Secretariat

November 23, 2018 | 8:30 am

Major Financial Processes

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Mel Thompson joined TBS in 2009 following the launch of the current Policy on Investment Planning – Assets and Acquired Services and the Policy on the Management of Projects. Mel was instrumental in assisting departments and agencies in understanding and applying the new policy requirements being introduced at that time. More recently, Mel led the development of the Government of Canada Project Management Strategy to enhance the maturity of project management across government. Working with 15 departments, Mel and the team outlined initiatives in the areas of knowledge and capacity building; planning and decision making; policy and tools; and data and lessons learned required to enhance capacity and strengthen project delivery across departments. Currently, Mel is focusing on the policy and tools component of the PM Strategy ensuring project management fundamentals are “codified” through policy to support successful project outcomes.

Mel Thompson