Week 2018


André Patry

Director, Accelerated Business Solutions Lab, Canada Revenue Agency

November 19, 2018 | 2:30 pm

Innovation & Experimentation

André Patry has been the Director of the Accelerated Business Solutions Lab at the Canada Revenue Agency since 2016. The Accelerated Business Solutions Lab plays a key role in fostering a culture of experimentation and intelligent risk-taking by leading and collaborating on projects with an agency-wide scope. Experimentation is central to the Lab’s activities – it affords the opportunity to measure the efficacy of efforts and helps identify interventions that should be scaled up or reconsidered. Key areas of interest include behavioural insights, advanced analytics and tax gap measurement.

During his career, Mr. Patry has held several positions in government institutions, including 15 years at the Department of Finance Canada. Over the years, he has made important contributions in advancing empirical research and quantitative analysis in the context of supporting evidence-based decision making within the Government of Canada.

André Patry