Week 2022

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Connect with an extraordinary line-up of keynotes and session speakers

PDWeek 2022 brings together a “who’s who” of experts for a broad range of subjects. This is a rare opportunity to discover new approaches, find out what’s working and what’s not, expand your thinking and make better decisions.

Day 1

November 22, 2022 Hot Topics – Adapting to a Changing World
Hamza Khan
Kevin Page
Denis Ouimet
Kami Ramcharan
Darlene Bess
Ryan Pilgrim
Stephen Harrington
Sony Perron
Colin Powell
Jonathan Moor
Evelyn Dancey
Kelly Makway
Kateri Khoury
Karen Robertson
Charith Mendis
Marty Muldoon
Farah Boisclair
Jen Mossop-Scott
Chris Dodge

Day 2

November 23, 2022 Leading Practices in Comptrollership
Marc Tassé
Yann Blais
Derek Armstrong
Bailey Church
Gary Kent
General Stuart Beare
Diane Peressini
Dave Hair
Melanie Cockerline
Monia Lahaie
Alain Lagacé
Bibi Roy
Claude Safarian
Robert Phillips
Olga Kuznetsova
Serge Campeau
Susan Kjartanson
Renée Prud`homme
Stéphane Rivest
Amy Karam
Anna Iglewski
Laura Smith
Satheesh Sanmugananthan
Lev Timur

Day 3

November 24, 2022 Technology, Innovation, and Experimentation
Maayan Ziv
Robert Ronberg
Thomas Beyer
Cat Coode
Vipul Balsara
Maryam Haghighi
Caleb White
Franco Amalfi
Jeremy Clark
Amanda Holden
Julie Greene
Ross Simmonds
Christine Walker
Kevin Spencer
Kosta Christopher
Kevin Leung
Armughan Ahmad
Pascal Roy
Ryan Wires

Day 4

November 25, 2022 Mobilizing People – Achieving Personal Excellence
Dr. Julie Beaulac
Penny Tremblay
Jean-François Ménard
Dr. Leigh Vanderloo
Shaun Boothe
Ajay Pangarkar
Manon Poirier
Samantha Biron
Jean-François Collin
Isabelle Fontaine
Marianne Hogan